Tests and Assessments are popular tools for benchmarking our knowledge and skills in any area or domain – be it Business, Subject, Technical, Language, Personality, Aptitude, Problem solving capability etc. Tests and Assessments also provide us important indicators to the areas where we need to improve.

With increasing competition, Competitive Tests are ever increasingly being used for checking eligibility to higher Education and Jobs across the world. It needs a lot of practice and ability to comprehend and rapidly solve problems to become a topper. Competitive Exams are not just an evaluation of skills and knowledge, but also of speed and presence of mind.

We at MyPower are driven by the goal of helping students crack all types of Entrance Exams, Competitive Exams, Certification Exams, Personality or other Assessments that are related to Education or Jobs, by providing Practice Tests that align to the Actual Tests in the utmost manner.

In fact, we endeavour to go one crucial step ahead by utilising the Test outcomes to identify areas for improvement and suggest suitable learning programs for improving in those areas. This completes a comprehensive skill upgrade cycle to ultimately help you find success in your target Exam or Job.

We also share informative content through Updates and Blogs that is useful in enriching your knowledge, skills and careers. We work under strict KPIs of Quality, Cost and Continuous Improvement to become your no.1 chosen partner for advancing your career.

Our products range from Buy-and-Use Practice Tests, to Assessment & Consulting solutions for Educational Institutions/Colleges and Corporates. Our solutions for Educational Institutions include Preparation Tests for Placement Interviews, while our solutions for Corporates include pre-recruitment and post-recruitment Assessments.

Our Team is led by senior professionals from Global Business, Technology and Consulting Industry, and is strengthened by highly motivated staff who are encouraged to display enthusiasm, zeal, innovation and free thought.

Please Contact Us for your specific requirements and we will glad to partner with you. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.