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Exam Features
Language: English
30 minutes
15 questions
Study Level: Intermediate
Certificate on Request

Test Name: Logical Reasoning

Test Description: Test your Logical reasoning ability with the help of this test. It covers wide range of topics and is good for practice. 

Topics Covered: Logical reasoning- coding/decoding, seating arrangements, blood relations, calendars, clocks, etc.

Prior Knowledge Required: Yes some questions require previous knowledge, others can be solved by basic logic.

No. Of Questions: 15

Time Allotted: 30 minutes

Language: English

Difficulty Level: Low to Average

Certificate on Completion: On Request

Score Provided in: Points and Percentage

Marking Criteria: Correct Answer: 1 Marks

                                     Wrong Answer: -0.5 Marks

Compatible on: Laptop/Mobile

Availability: Online Only

No of trials available:1 Trial


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